About Us

05/06/2017 6:06 AM

In 2015, we discovered that only a few individuals had access to high-quality SEO tools, many alone ones available for free. Furthermore, many marketers were not getting the most out of their search engine marketing (SEM) efforts due to this situation. This was a significant challenge, particularly for low-income customers.

We embraced the challenge and sprung into action as soon as possible. We registered the domain name and assembled a team of highly qualified professional developers and industry experts to begin developing small yet substantial search engine optimization tools.

Easy SEO Tools was formed as a result of this event.

To this day, Easy SEO Tools maintains the most excellent "SEO treasure mine" of excellent standard SEO tools that are freely accessible to anybody who wants to take advantage of their offerings.

Our ideas at Easy SEO Tools oppose those held by the general public. We feel that there is a more practical approach to selling products and services. We think that, in the same way, the finest things in life are free, and the best SEO tools should also be available to the public for free.

Due to our obsession with it, we make all our tools and material available for no cost whatsoever.

Our objective is to deliver excellent small SEO tools that can compete with, if not outperform, the commercial products available on the market – while being entirely free for everyone to use.

We strongly emphasize search engine optimization and content because these are the two most important aspects of Internet marketing. Once you have the correct content and SEO in place, the visitors will come in, and ultimately, the sales will increase.

Simply said, search engine optimization (SEO) is highly sophisticated and challenging to understand and perform. We view this as an opportunity to assist people - we're delighted to make SEO more accessible to everyone through our tools, education, and community involvement.

Our Users

Over the years, Easy SEO Tools has become the go-to platform for various internet marketers. Our ideal customers are as follows:

  • Website administrators
  • Website owners
  • SEO professionals
  • Bloggers
  • Webmasters
  • Freelance writers
  • Proofreaders
  • Content editors
  • Video editors
  • Marketing managers
  • Online ad agencies
  • Infographic creators
  • Web designers
  • Web developers
  • Online photographers
  • Web developers
  • Online photographers
  • Research experts
  • Teachers
  • Students

In addition to hundreds and thousands of testimonials from people worldwide who have used and profited from our products, we have received several testimonials from individuals who have utilized our tools.


Do you have any questions or suggestions you'd like to share? Do you want to speak with our CEO? Do you require assistance or support with any of our tools? Do you like to share a testimonial with us? Or do you want to say hello?

You may reach out to us at any time by email at

The following is a postscript: We've noticed that, over time, several websites that attempt to duplicate or emulate our platform and tools have appeared in a few locations throughout the web. To avoid confusion, we'd like to point you that the only official website of Easy SEO Tools is Only on this site will you find any of our tools, news, or material.